Send More Than 10 Pictures Once on whatsapp with GBWhatsapp

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Whatsapp has more than 500 million active users and today we are going to learn how to overcome some drawbacks of whatsapp. This article is mainly about sending more than 100 pictures but we will go through some bonus features which you should find interesting!

So let’s discuss the modified media sharing in GBWhatsapp first

These include the mods which are supported by GBWhatsapp

  • Max Upload Limit: You can now set the max upload limit of your video upto 50 mb!
  • Image quality: The images you share will be of the original quality and size
  • Max Upload Limit (Audio): You can share audios upto 100mb in size!
  • Image size: Send images with original height and width
  • Status video size: You can share upto 7 mins of video but the receiver should have modded whatsapp or else the receiver will only be able to watch the first 30 seconds out of the 7 mins you sent
  • You can now send more than 10 images at once from your gallery

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Now let’s discuss how to change font in GBWhatsapp

If you are bored with the default whatsapp font and want something new to experiment with.. GBWhatsapp is for you. There are a number of fonts available for your app and there will be more in the upcoming days for both english and arabic language..

You just have to go the GBWhatsapp settings and click the change font settings in order to select the desired font and move on.

Now let’s discuss the themes option in GBWhatsapp!

If you don’t like the default look and want a customized graphical experience then the themes option is for you.. There are a hundreds or maybe even thousands of themes available for your whatsapp when you are using GBWhatsapp and you can set any theme you like without purchasing any premium service, i.e free of cost!

Not only that but you can also create your own custom theme and upload it to the GBWhatsapp themes online gallery.

To change the theme just go to the GBWhatsapp settings and click on the change theme option to choose from the gigantic number of options available!

Let us talk about the main chats/screen mod now

To customize the main screen, use this option.

Let us talk about the conversation chats/screen mod now

You can customize the header, chats, dp of your conversation screen.

Moreover, You can also set the launcher icon by choosing from a set of 30 icons, change ticks style to make it look like the ticks from other social networks and more, hide notifications, Notification Bar icon (12 sets), disable automatic adding of date and time when copying a message, be always online, send messages using the status bar notification, create a GBWhatsapp shortcut icon on your screen, stop receiving voice calls, make the dp into square size like in the olden days of whatsapp, you can choose to not show the message count number on the right side of the messages icon, you can change the default gif provider to tenor/giphy/etc, you can also select custom video players!