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As we know when we talk about the social media the only first thing comes in our mind Facebook.Facebook has millions of its user across the world.People on facebook  shares their post see the post of others as well,see the videos,make meme,we can make video or audio calling.But one thing sometimes makes us very irritating that is when we are just seeing the post and reading the meme suddenly video posts starts playing this happens due to the facebook auto playing feature sometimes it make us very annoying.So today i am going to show you how to stop all the auto playing videos or audio  on facebook.


Actually this problem of automatically has been solved during the recent update of facebook on Android phone. When you scroll down the feed on facebook on your phone or tablet video post starts playing but the sound does not play,it is mute by default,you have to enable it manually at the bottom corner of the post.

You can also change the setting of the facebook to stop playing the video automatically.follow these steps to disable auto playing  video on your android phone: There are some other apps, in which you can stop video auto play easily like GBWhatsApp.

Firstly start the facebook application on your android phone. This option of facebook is found in the setting menu.Just go to the setting menu by tapping on the three line in the bottom  of the application and under the setting menu you will see the application setting under the submenu help & setting.


After tapping on it it will show another submenu then tap on the app setting .


After that it will show another setting page as shown below.


Finally just toggle of the videos in news feed start with sound .and you have done. Her you get lots of application related settings like quality of photo or videos that you want to upload,open the video in the same window or in different tab, other sound related settings and many more settings.

Alternatively you can opt to for autoplaying the video over the wifi or data. It means of you are using wifi you can also set auto playing of video Or if you are using the data you can disable the auto playing of video.       

Okay that’s it hope you have understood how to stop auto playing the videos on facebook.