How To Check Speed Of Memory Card On Android

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Do you know every android device has a Read/Write speed?And do you know that your device can handle the Read/Write speed when it has class 10 extreme memory card.After knowing these two informations you might be wondering about what the maximum read/write speed of your android mobile phone is.Right?Don’t worry guys ,further i have discussed how to check the speed of the memory card used in your mobile phone.

Requirements to check the speed of the memory card used in your Android Device

The requirements to check the speed of the memory card used in your Android Mobile Phone or to check the Read/Write speed of your android device are mainly two in number and they are:-


  • You will need SD Tools.


Now lets know what is the SD TOOLS:-

SD TOOLS is a mobile application which is used to check the informations such as Name,Date,MID,OEMID,e.t.c. of a memory card or microSD card.You can also check whether the memory card is fake or real.You can also know the Speed of your memory card with the help of SD TOOLS mobile application for the android devices.You can easily download and install it with the help of GOOGLE PLAY STORE in FREE.

  1. You will need an Android Device.

Before knowing the steps to check the speed of memory card on your mobile phone you should know what a memory card actually is.So see what’s written below to give a brief description of a memory card:-

What is a memory card?

A Memory Card is also known as a Flash Card or a Memory Cartridge.It is an electronic storage device which is for the purpose of storing digital information.These are generally used in cameras,mobile phones,laptops,tablets,electronic keyboards and many more.

Now the step by step process to check the speed of the memory card of your android device is discussed below:-

Step by Step process to check the speed of the memory card used in your android phone:-


  • Step 1:First of all search for SD TOOLS on any web browser.


    • Step 2:After searching you will get a link to download the SD Tools.


  • Step 3:After you get the link click on it and download the SD Tools on your android device.


    • You can do this for Free.
    • Step 4:Install the SD Tools.
    • You can do this for free with the help of GOOGLE PLAY STORE.
    • Step 5:Open the SD Tools.


  • Step 6:Tap on Start speed tests.
  • Step 7:It will take some time to the completion of the speed tests and for the calculation of results.So all you will have to do in this case is that you will have to keep enough patience to obtain what you need.


Occurrence of crashes in the Android updates:-

I would also like to make you aware about the crash occurrence in the update android version after calculating the read/write speed of your android devices.Nowadays, it is being observed that the SD tools is crashing often on latest Android devices.To avoid this you can use A1 SD Bench and then do the Speed test of your SD CARD or MEMORY CARD.

Moreover,if you want to check out the RAM SPEED of your android device then you can for sure do it without any worries.Besides,the Results Page will make you know about the score of those android devices who have been recently tested or examined worldwide.