How To Check Performance Of Your Android Device

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There are many uses of the Android smartphone in which want to know everything about their smartphone their performance other options there really want to capture or monitor the performance of the device in a short time or real time so only for them and for the users of the Android smartphone we have discovered some application which are the best and will make you feel in love with that application. So all you need to do is to just check out Wifi connections and the apps of the powers of any behavior for the CPU or the processes of the background which are sucking the data and draining the battery life so here are some tips which will help you to monitor the performance of smartphone or Tablet.


Network monitor Mini

Network Monitor Mini , this application was developed by KF software house it has more than 1 millions of downloads in the latest version the developers have improved the notification and the fixed the bugs for the nuggets, for the Android 6, Android 7, Android O and it has the accessibility fix of 1.0.196. Basically this application can be known as the Mini network for monitoring your smartphone and it helps to know the user how their smart phone is working. It shows the user the speed like uploading and downloading for second it always tries to give you the full space as it stays in the corner for the phone screen you can place the indicator know that it takes place cannot this application in any part of your screen you can even customise a colour and you can even transparent the indicator with which it help you to enjoy the Internet browsing like you do on your PC. You can even check out the life networks information for the mobile networks like 3G ,4G and Wi-Fi. You can even check the Internet speed also there are two types of version one is free and another is pro.

In the free version the user can customise the prefix even they can custom the colours with the font size and other transparency value . They can even check out the live speed and the data rate of the Internet browsing and downloading and uploading.

In pro version,the user can customise the reading location which can be show on the status bar. They can even be that as the traffic down mode which is 4.4 the Android devices only. They can never had been day dreaming which is a screensaver for Android 4.2 and above versions can I unhide the specific application which are running in the background there are no hidden readings of traffic the pro version causes for the auto hides as when there is no traffic for the specific application and it is totally at free the user can even disable the notification icon.

TinyCore – CPU, RAM Usage

Tinycore, this application is developed by neotech software it requires 4.0 and above Android version it has more than 100,000 downloads in the latest update of this application.The developer have improved the user interference and there are many small improvements and the whole due to some security changes in the Oreo apps can be accessed the CPU information of loading CPU frequency for share still available but it has way and it has made it unknown procedure for the Oriya devices it has the option for animating the monitor changes it also sports for more CPU and GPU. It has some improvements which allow the application tinycore for running all the time in the background.

Its main features of monitor types of CPU usage, RAM usage, battery level, CPU frequency . In the customise option of this application it has features like Height and Width,orientation, auto boot, notification behaviour , statusbar behaviour and many more